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Where's Your Dream Neighborhood?

Only you know where you want to live. Tell me of some areas and I'll find great options to look at!

What's Your American Dream?

Do you want the white picket fence or the downtown high rise? Choice is yours.

What's Your Dream Budget?

I will work with you to determine what budget works best for you for what your home needs are.

Get to know Me

I'm a people person first and foremost. I love meeting with and getting to know everyone I come across. I use this passion for people to help clients find their dream home. It's not work for me; I enjoy every minute.

The way I work: I get to know you and your preferences over coffee or drinks and use that extensive knowledge to help find you the home that best fits your family's needs.

What I Offer

Budget Control

Neighborhood Recommendations

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A Rad New Friend

My Favorite Neighborhoods

You can choose to live anywhere you want. But if you want suggestions, mine are below.

Point Loma

Point Loma is the perfect neighborhood for families with children and sits right next to the beach.

Old Town

Old Town is the oldest neighborhood in San Diego, full of rich Spanish culture, and perfect for families!

East Village

East Village is located downtown with access to vibrant city life restaurants, bars, and the ball park.

North Park

North Park is a great neighborhood for the young and thriving. There are many restaurants, bars, and unique shops within walking distance of most NP neighborhoods.

Golden Hill

Golden Hill sits just east of Balboa Park and is full of Victorian-style homes that are so beautiful and quaint. 

Fashion Valley

What's better than being right next to the largest shopping mall in San Diego? Fashion Valley is chalk full of high end specialty stores and restaurants, as well as a movie theatre and smaller shopping centers. 

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The only money I see is 3% off the selling price of the home you purchase.

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